What Could Go Wrong? Apple’s Misguided Plans to Gut End-to-End Encryption - Center for Democracy and Technology

How large a community (How many profiles & how simultaneous users) can be on one Mastodon?

I'm looking for Free Software success stories in 2020, especially in the education area. Do you know schools which started to organize their home schooling efforts with Free Software during the pandemic? Please share it here: community.fsfe.org/t/free-soft #Education #fsfe #FreeSoftware #OpenSource

One of my friends is a very skilled illustrator ✍️ - in case you need an illustration - check his work out here larsrefn.dk/

Hey everyone!

We're excited to announce a new major beta release of Matomo 4.0.0 🎉🎉🚀

Matomo 4.0.0 has been in the making since Jan 2020 and we’re proud to finally release this first public beta.

Read more: matomo.org/changelog/matomo-4-

And just for the record... I do not code...

Some DNS issues with schildt.social - but I'm back

Android Choice Screen for Q4 opens today - don't know if I'll make a bid with Givero.com - apparently the last warrior Ecosia has thrown the towel and will bid.... techcrunch.com/2020/07/30/goog

"Beating Private Mode Blockers with an Ephemeral Profile" by Eric Lawrence textslashplain.com/2020/08/11/

Good overview of how websites detect private mode and how you can avoid it.

Google Search Mobile Market Share Likely to Drop Around 20% through Search Preference Menus

I'm considering extending Givero.com offerings with a shopping search-is feature or subsite - as a way to grow the social business - what do you think?

Signed Givero.com as a Brave publisher - now you can Warner BAT tolkens for our social business

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