Dan Shefet on Ownership to Data & Privacy - "...lack of privacy will make s afraid of making mistakes" VIDEO: youtu.be/x-bbLowW5pg

Dan Shefet on at the UNESCO MGIEP TECH 2019 - asking "What do we do about it...Religion, Art, Humor, Law, Education..." youtu.be/h0Xk0WzYZlU

Officially filed the docs to make 💕
Givero.com a "Registreret Socialøkonomisk Virksomhed" (Registered Social Business - Like B-corp by Danish law)

🤔 What's the difference between an "AD" and a "Google Promotion" in the search results?

@moznews did you know you can support the Mozilla Foundation with 💰 revenue from our new search engine 💕 - givero.com/support/mozillafoun

Hey🤓 - if you want to ask question about Givero.com - the new ethical search engine - do it now on Hackernews - news.ycombinator.com/item?id=1

Ads (red line) versus Products (Yellow line) - what do you prefer? Both
Only Ads
Only Products
None - (I would pay to get rid of them?)

Hey Masto - Please let me know about your search experience! Privacy apart! What do you like/not like on:
Google Search - very broad - what's the most annoying element, and what is absolutely nesc. ?

Really? Someone just send me this - First-party tracking solution, OK then - let's beat them - try our New Findx Privacy Control with First-party cookie control get.findx.com

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