And just for the record... I do not code...

Some DNS issues with - but I'm back

Android Choice Screen for Q4 opens today - don't know if I'll make a bid with - apparently the last warrior Ecosia has thrown the towel and will bid....

"Beating Private Mode Blockers with an Ephemeral Profile" by Eric Lawrence

Good overview of how websites detect private mode and how you can avoid it.

Google Search Mobile Market Share Likely to Drop Around 20% through Search Preference Menus

I'm considering extending offerings with a shopping search-is feature or subsite - as a way to grow the social business - what do you think?

Signed as a Brave publisher - now you can Warner BAT tolkens for our social business

🎉 FREE WEBINAR by The Danish Society of Engineers, IDA presents: 🎬
Shoshana Zuboff meets Margrethe Vestager: A conversation about a future digital Europe

Host Mikkel Flyverbom, professor mso.

Disappointed to see Cliqz closing up shop for their browser and search [1]. I’ve appreciated the work they’ve done in the iOS space [2], supporting the Dat protocol [3], running their own search index [4], and offering an onion service [5]. 😕

[5] search4tor7txuze.onion/


A Danish Company made an open source ventilator

CoRescue · GitHub

Looking for Zoom alternatives after reading about their security practices?

Looking for alternatives to Google - take a look at an awesome job by @andreas

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