Officially filed the docs to make 💕 a "Registreret Socialøkonomisk Virksomhed" (Registered Social Business - Like B-corp by Danish law)

iOS13 and I still don't have free choice for default Search Engine in Safari, or for that matter default browser... tsk tsk...

🤯 Considering restructuring and turn it into a full non-profit search engine. What do you think!

😍 It would mean the world to me to have your feedback

Should I write the EU commission about the Google Choice Screen, after-all they are the only one I can talk to since, they are excluded from the NDA

🤔 What's the difference between an "AD" and a "Google Promotion" in the search results?

Arrrhhh - it is so hard to find the spirit these days... sorry...

Read the updated guide to Google alternatives from Sven on RestorePrivacy . 🤓

@moznews did you know you can support the Mozilla Foundation with 💰 revenue from our new search engine 💕 -

New Leak Reveals Google Uses a Manual Review Tool to Blacklist Conservative News Websites, Hurting Them in Search Results

- get on Hackernews now to ask question about how to develop open source and for a our search engine

Hey🤓 - if you want to ask question about - the new ethical search engine - do it now on Hackernews -

Looking for other views - of Privacy vs. Anonymity - is it different, and how. My own take, will be something like Privacy is happening between people, and requires trust + more - Anonymity doesn't.

Have been working on a simplified privacy page for 🌐 - it is not that simple...🤓 feedback welcome

Eurovision - Danish final taking place tonight

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